Writer's Block: Another country

Do you have good friends from other countries that you've met on LiveJournal? Have you ever met them in person? If not, do you think you ever will?

My friends Jasmine and Juliet are from the UK. We didn't meet on livejournal, but neopets when we were like...13 years old. I've never met them in person, bot we do talk. I read Juliet's lj all the time, and I feel the two of them are very important people in my life! I'm really glad to've met them, and I'm hoping some day soon I'll be able to go to England and meet them in person! :]

Helping out friends

Please check out my friend Renee's photography site. Her work is amazing and if you are into photography, I feel like you'll love her work!  Below is the link and some of her work! Please give her page a look. She's really a great friend of mine and I'd love to help her out! Thanks everyone <3
Also please do not take these pictures without asking Renee. I in fact should not have taken them without asking, but I know they belong to her, and I am crediting her for using them. Thanks!




 So things never stay as well and as happy as I'd hope they would stay. I'm content, but sad.
Things with Ray and I are not going well at all. I'm currently not speaking to him. He formulated this bogus story about how one of Dan's friends called his phone, left a voice message, and then messaged him on myspace. He said the phone call was private, and then when I grilled him about who sent the message online and what did it say, he said it was Dan's friend Christian, and he sent me the message, and it wasn't how Christian types. I mean let met back up some more. Christian hasn't used his myspace account since June or something, so first off, he couldn't have messaged Ray. Second off, Christian, and all of Dan's other friends know we are not dating, and don't really care, and wouldn't  call Ray, whom they don't know, and harass him. Thirdly. They don't know Ray, Ray's name isn't on his myspace account profile, annnd, he's not under my phone as Ray. So this is just all lies. I don't know why Ray made the story up. Amber and myself think it's because he's jealous of Dan. I also mentioned to Ray that I was talking to Christian, last Saturday while I was at Dan's so I think he figured out Christian was on Dan's friends page and he used him to create this horrible story. It's just that nothing adds up. There was one factor to Dan's friends possibly having something to do with it, and it was Jon. Jon took my phone and started going through my texts, buut like I said, Ray wasn't under my phone as Ray, and I don't know why Jon would care. and Christian and Jon seemed to butt heads so they'd never work together and go against me and start trouble. Christian isn't like that. None of Dan's friends are really like that. Possibly Steven, but honestly, I don't think Dan's friends would do something like that. It's all Ray.

I know, I'm babbling. *sigh*

I'm really upset about this. I decided to give Ray another chance from the last time things went wrong and he just took off. Then, some things happened and he is making it out to be my fault things went wrong and that I can't be trusted and all of this bull crap. So it's just getting super annoying. I feel so conflicted. But Dan is my friend, and I'm not about to let Ray screw things up with me and Dan because he's jealous. And i'm getting along with Dan's friends. I have my own friends among his friends. We have fun stuff going. Ray has to be a dickhead and get involved and try to get Dan to turn on his friends. It's just weird. I dunno. I don't understand him. 

Grrr. Blah... Bleck. Meh.

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 Nothing ever goes how it's supposed to, or how I imagine, or how it's planned. :/
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What to say.... School is going alright. I should be working on my English essay, but I'll have time to do it at the end of the week. :] Other than that, nothing really.
Went to the Rennassaince Faire again for Pirates Weekend. All the boys were dressed up, not me and mom though. Mom ran out of time sewing. She did a really good job making the costumes though. Dads and Connors were extremely put together. Joey's looked good with the bandana, and Dan had the belt to finish his outfit off. 

I've been watching this tv show called The Tudors. I really like it. I like it muuuuch better than True Blood, or pretty much all the other shows I've been watching lately. :] 


I got a good amount of sleep last night so I'm in a good mood. I probably should be worrying about how I'm going to get to school, but I'm not going to. I'm going to sent Matt and Manda a text and see if they respond. If not, oh well. I guess then I'll just have to take the bus or walk. Mom's working tonight so she can't give me a ride.

I also, with the help of Dan, got my text books ordered.

Also last Saturday was Lily's first birthday party. I think i'm going to put up some pictures later.